Most people are losing not because they are trading wrong,
but they do not follow strict money management rules.

We are going to explain you why traders lose money even if they use a proven trading strategy and what's the secret of rich traders consistently taking money from the markets. We will show you the rules that successful traders follow:
  • How to turn any trading strategy into profitable one;
  • How to limit drawdown;
  • How to trade Forex safely and never lose all;
  • How to boost your profits and get rich quick.

Table Of Contents

Chapter I: Why do traders fail?

I.1. A shocking experiment
Ralph Vince is a well known financial investor. He performed a very famous experiment known as the Ralph Vince experiment. Only two students out of 40 were able to make money, the other 38 failed to succeed. Why?!
I.2. How a good strategy "fails"
We want to give you a clear answer as to why it is that most traders fail even if they have a winning strategy.

Chapter II: The secrets

II.1. Psychology secrets
A very small proportion of all traders really understand what distinguishes good traders from bad traders. You are probably bombarded with guaranteed money making methods all the time. When someone can't succeed, he thinks that the methods don't work or specifically don't work for him or her.
II.2. Money secrets
Supposing...You know when to enter the market and when to exit. But something is missing... the strategy doesn't tell you how much money you have to risk on any one trade. The world's top traders are trading in a counter-intuitive fashion. They are behaving differently from "normal" people. They behave in fact like a money making machine.

Chapter III: Achieve exponential earnings and never fail

III.2. Achieve exponential earnings
Basic and advanced money management. This is the heart of this book. Get rich quick! This is the way that new multimillionaires are born.
III.1. Never fail
Successful traders are prepared for the worst possible situation. Unsuccessful traders hope it will not happen. A math formula that will shock you.

This is the missing link between educated trader and profitable trading.

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